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Our cell groups in South Australia comprise some of the most amazing people in Australia... If you reside in South Australia, join any one of our cells today! You are MOST WELCOME...


In Prosperity Cell, new creation realities are imprinted into
the hearts of every member. We promote the vision and mission of our ministry: LOVEWORLD. Through our cell, talents in our local communities are discovered, nurtured, and harnessed for ministry. For us, constant growth in the Word
of God is compulsory as we build up our capability and confidence for service in ministry. Thus, all our members are potential leaders, deacons, and pastors. For us, “prosperity”
is a lifestyle. All our brethren live in ever-increasing prosperity. (Ps. 128:2; 2 Cor. 9:8; 3 John 1:2; Prov. 10:22; and Job 36:11)

Meeting Day: Tuesday

Meeting Place: Online

Cell Leader: Pastor Ramsey Cooper


In Chosen Generation Cell, we are influencers,
actively influencing young persons in Australia with the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. As our members grow in the Word of God, they come to discover and acknowledge their true identities
in Christ. We are also a strong and united family, supporting all our members to fully attain their potentials in life. When you join us, we listen to you, answer your questions, and give you spiritual guidance. Our aim is to see you become more fruitful in every area of their life, as you grow into spiritual maturity.

Meeting Time: Sunday (11am - 12.30pm)

Meeting Place: Christ Embassy Adelaide

Cell Leader: Sis. Nteboheleng Ntlopo


In Zion Cell, we encourage you in your faith building and spiritual growth with fun, joy, and laughter... We believe 
the Christian life is a life to celebrate and enjoy...

Meeting Day: Monday

Meeting Place: Online and Onsite

Cell Leader: Pastor Bec O'Bryan

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